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Police and Jail Misconduct

We fight for prisoners’ rights

Just to be clear: prisoners have rights. And we have been fighting for those rights for more than three decades. For many people, the phrase “police and jail misconduct” brings to mind extreme forms of physical abuse at the hands of police and detention officers. However, most police and jail misconduct cases involve neglect or a failure to monitor behavior, which can be just as damaging as beatings or sexual abuse. Our attorneys at Bell Legal Group know the standards and procedures necessary to establish liability in states all across America, not just South Carolina. If you have been injured during an arrest or while in police custody, we will seek and demand compensation for the negligent or abusive conditions to which you were subjected.

Prisoners are entitled to medical care

Prisoner abuse often takes the form of negligence. In fact, denying proper medical care is a rampant problem in prisons. Detainees have a basic human right to receive the medication and medical monitoring they need to survive. Too often, the line between necessary discipline and cruel and unusual punishment is often crossed with deadly consequences. Our lawyers will consult with groups of experts vital to police and prison misconduct cases – including private investigators, former police officials, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurophysiologists, nurses and medical officials – all of whom can determine whether an inmate has been denied necessary medical care.

Physical abuse

Prisoners are subjected to abuse more often than people realize. The misconduct may involve beatings by police and prison guards during incarceration. Or it may occur during routine police stops, or searches, on the streets or in the homes of individuals who have not been convicted of any crimes. Lack of sufficient monitoring within prison walls can also result in beatings and other forms of abuse by other prisoners.

We aren’t afraid to go to court

Police or jail misconduct is grounds for a lawsuit, but many attorneys are hesitant to pursue cases against their own local law enforcement officials. The Bell Legal Group does not hesitate to pursue valid cases in which abuse has been detected. Our attorneys are armed with the experience and skill to take on difficult jail or police misconduct cases on behalf of victims and their families. Because of our ethical and professional pursuit of justice, outside law firms regularly refer cases to us.

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