Bell is recipient of major national scouting award

J. Edward Bell III of Georgetown, who also serves as president of the Charleston School of Law, was honored with a top national award from the Boy Scouts of America last month.

Bell, who earned his Eagle Scout recognition in the early 1960s, was named a National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Outstanding Eagle Scout at a February ceremony of the Coastal Carolina Council in Charleston.  The award is the most prestigious made by NESA.

The winner is “an Eagle Scout who has demonstrated exceptional achievement over his lifetime within the geographic boundaries of the local, state, and/or regional areas,” said Robert Moise, a former council chair who presented the award to Bell.  He added that the recognition is given to individuals who “have demonstrated excellence in their profession, avocation, community and beliefs often at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.  Recognition is granted to an Eagle Scout who continues to make a positive impact closer to home.”

Moise continued:  “This Scouter is an attorney, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In a career spanning more than 30 years, he has distinguished himself as a top litigation attorney at local, state and national levels and has tried more than 300 major cases throughout the United States.

“His work in the legal field is extensive and renowned, yet more notable is his work with students and young attorneys. His history of mentoring students interested in pursuing the law has included assistance with financial aid, internships and housing for national and international students.

“It is this passion for sharing his knowledge and understanding of the law that led this dedicated man to his newest position as President of the Charleston School of Law.  His work in environmental law coupled with his love of Southern culture led him to explore opportunities for land development with an emphasis on environmental conservation.”

Bell, a Sumter native, lives in Georgetown with his wife and two young children. He also has three grown daughters.  He volunteers through Duncan United Methodist Church, Helping Hands and Habitat for Humanity and has sponsored numerous programs in area hospitals, schools and youth organizations. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Georgetown, SC, is on the Board of Directors of the Mission Society, and a Coastal Carolina Council Board Member.